LASFF 2023 - Nelson

Venue details and Schedule

Nelson LASFF 2023 venues

The Loft, Nelson

49A Collingwood Street, Nelson 7010

Mapua Hall

72 Aranui Road, Māpua 7005

Richmond Library

280 Queen Street, Richmond 7020

Kina Beach Venue

108 Kina Beach Rd

Nelson Schedule

Country Movie Title Date Time venue
Cuba Tales of one more day 13 October 6:30pm The Loft, Nelson
Peru The Best Families 21 October 6:30pm Mapua Hall
Chile Beyond My Grandfather Allende 26 October 6:30pm Richmond Library
Brazil Empty House 28 November 6:30pm The Loft, Nelson
Argentina Argentina, 1985 4 November 6:30pm Kina Beach Venue
Mexico The Realm of God 19 November 6:30pm Mapua Hall
Peru Ainbo, Spirit of the Amazon 24 November 6:30pm Richmond Library
Spain 1898, Our Last Men in the Philippines 30 November 6:30pm The Loft, Nelson