Argentina, 1985

Argentina, 1985

Movie Synopsis


Argentina, 1985 is inspired by the true story of Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo and their young legal team of unlikely heroes in their David-vs-Goliath battle in which, under constant threat, they dared to prosecute Argentina’s bloodiest military dictatorship against all odds and in a race against time to bring justice to the victims of the Military Junta.


Argentina, 1985″ está inspirada en la historia real de Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo y su joven equipo jurídico que se atrevieron a acusar, contra viento y marea, a contrarreloj y bajo constante amenaza, a la más sangrienta dictadura militar argentina. Una batalla de David contra Goliat, con los héroes menos esperados.

Country: Argentina

Director: Santiago Mitre

Language: Spanish

Duration: 141 minutes

Genre: Drama

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